Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Beminders and more

The original Beminders idea has spawned other off-shoots, some of which offer greeting cards and/or tee shirts.

Daily Beminders - a mobile device optimized web site with a series of Beminders for daily inspiration and contemplation.

Just for fun

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Mort Says

From out of the past comes Mortimer T. Snugglegrass, Mort for short, a Face Parts creation of my very first computer in 1996.

I had an interest in desktop publishing and Mort and his friends were created for a business called Jim Sullivan's Ad-Ventures. They would be the "spokespeople" for client advertisements.

Mort led a very black and white existence for many years while hidden away in a binder of my not very successful ideas.

I resurrected him a few months back and put some color in his cheeks and elsewhere. I was in need of a new "playground" and Mort generously offered to be the "face" of the Mort Says blog.

Mort comments on culture, vocabulary, issues and other stuff.

To help spread the words there are Mort Says tee shirts available from the folks at Spreadshirt.com.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Color The Be

Sometimes I'm guilty of trying to force an idea to meet a predetermined format, rather than letting the idea find it's own space.

My main Beminders sites - beminders.com and beminders.org - do fit the theme of displaying life affirming reminders - Be Happy, Be Yourself, etc - that we may need as we get older and face a variety of challenges in life.

I tried to make this same "theme" fit for kids via Beminders For Beginners. It never felt entirely comfortable because Be Kind, Be Honest, etc. were not, on first exposure, Beminders that were needed as reminders but were rather beginning of life lessons for kids about good values and good behavior their parents could help them learn.

So, the free coloring pages still exist, and I hope to create a coloring book someday, but the theme is now called Color The Be. Kids and their parents can share the learning experience while the kids enjoy the page coloring activity. The online coloring pages can be saved and printed and collected as a "book" that can serve as a refresher course, if needed, as they get older and need some reinforcement.


Monday, March 7, 2016

Daily Beminders

 In need of some encouragement, inspiration, motivation, re-enforcement? Choose a Daily Beminder for a quiet moment of contemplation and reflection.

Daily Beminders are available on www.beminders.org. The web site is optimized for mobile devices.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

New Beminders.com web site

I built a new Beminders web site using Word Press. It has links to the Beminders store, the DeliverBees store, the No Wasted Words store and Beminders for Beginners.


Sunday, December 13, 2015

And now - photos

The photos on my jmscards site at Red Bubble are some of the photos you can see on my Online Photo Gallery web site at www.mywonderfulwebsite.com